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Skechers, a favorite brand among shoe lovers, is known for its comfortable and stylish athletic, casual, and dress shoes.

But have you ever wondered where these popular kicks are actually made?

In this blog post, we will dive into the manufacturing locations of Skechers shoes while shedding light on their quality control measures and materials used in production.

Background Of Skechers

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Skechers is an American sports brand that was founded in 1992 by Robert and Michael Greenberg, and produces a wide range of comfortable shoes under various shoe labels with product descriptions that are available on the Skechers website.

Founding And History

Established in 1992 by father and son duo, Robert and Michael Greenberg, Skechers has emerged as one of the leading American sports brands offering a wide range of comfortable shoes for men, women, and children.

The company started off with only three shoe styles: casual shoes for men made out of imported materials from Italy.

The journey from being a small shoe brand to becoming an internationally recognized label can be attributed to the company’s commitment to product innovation and marketing strategies that appealed to consumers worldwide.

Over the years, Skechers has been consistently developing innovative products such as its iconic Skechers Joggler series or its popular GOwalk line – which revolutionized walking footwear with lightweight soles designed for maximum comfort during long walks.

As part of its growth strategy in today’s competitive footwear industry landscape, Skechers partnered with investment firm Leonard Green & Partners back in 2015 to help expand their operations further while maintaining their focus on quality standards across all product lines.

Types Of Shoes Produced

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Skechers, being a versatile footwear brand, has an array of shoes in its collection catering to the preferences of shoe lovers. Some of the types include:

  1. Athletic shoes: Designed for running, walking, training, and more.
  2. Casual shoes: Perfect for everyday wear and offering ultimate comfort.
  3. Dress shoes: Suitable for formal occasions and events.
  4. Boots: Ranging from ankle boots to winter boots for added warmth and style.
  5. Sandals: Providing breathability during the warmer months.
  6. Slip-ons: Effortless and comfortable shoes that can be easily worn on-the-go.
  7. Golf Shoes: Created to provide support and stability on the golf course.
  8. Trainers: Ideal for a variety of workouts or sports activities.
  9. Lightweight Skechers steel toe shoes: Offering protection without the bulkiness in work environments.

With options made from high-quality materials like leather, synthetic materials, canvas, rubber, and more, there’s a pair of Skechers to suit everyone’s taste and needs.

Skechers Manufacturing Locations

Skechers shoes are made in China and Vietnam, with two-thirds of production in China to avoid disruption, and Vietnam being more affordable for labor and materials.

United States

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Although Skechers is an American sports brand headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, the company does not manufacture its shoes within the United States. Instead, Skechers primarily outsources production to independent factories located in countries with lower labor and material costs, like China and Vietnam.

Despite not producing shoes domestically, Skechers remains committed to American consumers by offering a wide variety of comfortable footwear options that cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

With a strong online presence as well as numerous retail stores and third-party retailers across the country, shoppers can easily find a pair of Skechers that fits their needs – from athletic sneakers for fitness enthusiasts to casual slip-ons for everyday wear or even durable work boots with safety features such as steel toes.


Skechers shoes are primarily manufactured in China, where the brand works with third-party manufacturers to produce its footwear. By outsourcing production to China, Skechers can keep its labor and materials costs lower while maintaining quality control standards.

The leather used in Skechers shoes comes from cows, and other common materials include canvas, rubber, metal, polyester, and plastic. Additionally, Skechers socks, slip-ons, and watches are also manufactured in China.


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Skechers manufacturing in Vietnam has been an essential part of their growth strategy. The country’s flexible production system and lower labor and materials costs make it a more affordable option for Skechers shoes.

In fact, it is predicted that Vietnam will become the number one manufacturer of Skechers in the near future. Skechers works with independent factories in Vietnam to increase production capacity while maintaining quality standards by working with manufacturers they have trusted before.

Skechers Quality And Reputation

Skechers has strict quality control measures in place to ensure customer satisfaction, and the brand has built a strong reputation for producing comfortable and durable shoes with fashionable styles.

Quality Control Measures

Skechers is a brand that pays great attention to quality. The company has taken several measures to ensure every shoe produced meets their set standards. Skechers has strong control guidelines that factories must follow in order to maintain the quality of the shoes they produce.

To maintain consistency in product quality, Skechers uses independent third-party manufacturers who are required to follow the same design specifications and material standards as those used by Skechers’ owned factories.

This ensures that shoe quality is maintained no matter where it’s made.

Skechers also invests in advanced technology such as computer-aided designs (CAD) and cutting machines to improve accuracy and efficiency during the shoe assembly process.

Customer Satisfaction

Skechers is a popular brand that prides itself on providing comfortable and stylish shoes to its customers. With their focus on quality control measures and innovative designs, Skechers continues to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Their athletic shoes such as the Skechers Go Walk and Bobs continue to be some of their best-selling products due to their comfort features like memory foam insoles and flexible traction soles.

Additionally, Skechers offers a range of shoe styles from casual to dress shoes that cater to different consumer needs, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Types Of Skechers Shoes

Skechers offers a variety of shoe styles to fit different needs, including athletic shoes for running or training, casual shoes for everyday wear, and dress shoes for formal occasions.

Athletic Shoes

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Skechers produces a wide variety of athletic shoes for men and women. These shoes are designed with the latest in technology to ensure maximum comfort and support during your workouts.

One of their most popular lines is the Skechers Go Walk, which features memory foam cushioning and a flexible traction sole for added grip. Other options include golf shoes, slip-ons, and even socks that offer arch support or microfiber liners.

No matter what your preferred activity is, you can find a Skechers shoe that offers the right combination of style and functionality to help you perform at your best.

Casual Shoes

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Skechers’ range of casual shoes is as varied as it is stylish. From slip-ons to sneakers, the company offers options for everyone’s tastes and needs. Skechers uses a range of materials including leather, canvas, rubber, metal, polyester and plastic in its shoe production for durability and comfort.

The shoes feature comfortable soles with shock absorption and arch support technologies that make them great for everyday wear without causing foot fatigue.

With breathable materials and durable construction, Skechers casual shoes are perfect for running errands or just taking a leisurely stroll around town.

Dress Shoes

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Skechers dress shoes are a stylish choice for any formal occasion. The brand offers a variety of styles, including Oxfords, loafers, and slip-on shoes in different colors and materials such as leather and synthetic materials.

These shoes are made using high-quality raw materials like rubber and plastic to ensure durability.

Skechers dress shoes also feature comfortable soles with shock absorption technologyarch support, heel counters, and breathable materials that provide all-day comfort.


In conclusion, Skechers shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam. The brand uses independent factories to increase production flexibility. This strategy allows Skechers to avoid any disruption of its products.

Many of the footwear, apparel, and accessories are made in China while Vietnam is a popular choice due to lower labor and material costs.

Regardless of where they’re made, Skechers shoes are designed to provide comfort with features such as memory foam and arch support while also offering stylish designs for all occasions.