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Picking the perfect pair of shoes can be a head-scratcher, especially when it comes to Oxford Vs Derby Shoes.

This blog post will guide you through the key differences between them and how each style can complement your wardrobe.

Keep reading, because choosing your next go-to shoe just got easier!

The Difference Between Oxford and Derby Shoes

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Lacing system

Oxford shoes are set apart by their closed lacing system, a sophisticated and sleek feature.

This means the eyelets for the shoe laces are stitched under the vamp, providing a slim silhouette that’s perfect for formal occasions.

On the other hand, Derby shoes offer an open lacing system, where side tabs or ‘quarters’ housing the eyelet tabs rest on top of the shoe’s front part or ‘vamp’.

This unique construction creates a more relaxed and versatile style suitable for various foot widths and casual wear situations.

In essence, your choice between an Oxford or Derby largely depends on this notable distinction in lacing systems; it’s all about choosing formality with Oxfords or approachability with Derbys.


Oxford shoes are known for their unparalleled formality, making them a staple in any gentleman’s wardrobe.

With their closed lacing system and sleek design, they exude elegance and sophistication.

Whether you’re attending a black-tie event or aiming to impress at the office, Oxford shoes are the go-to choice for that polished look.

Their darker tone of leather adds to their formal appeal, making them perfect for occasions where dressing up is required.

Unlike Derby shoes, which have an open lacing system and slightly more relaxed vibe, Oxfords command attention with their timeless style and classic charm.

So if you want to make a lasting impression in any formal setting, make sure to lace up your Oxford shoes and step out with confidence.


Derby shoes are known for their superior fit, making them a great choice for individuals with wider or narrower feet.

Unlike Oxford shoes, which tend to have a slimmer profile, Derby shoes feature an open lacing system that allows for easy adjustment and customization of the fit.

This means that no matter your foot width, you’ll find Derby shoes to be more approachable and accommodating.

So if finding comfortable footwear is a top priority for you, Derby shoes should definitely be on your radar.

Styling Oxford Shoes

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Formal look with a suit

When pairing Oxford shoes with a suit, you can achieve a classic and formal look.

Here’s how:

  • Choose a pair of sleek and polished Oxford shoes in a darker tone of leather.
  • Ensure that the fit is perfect by selecting the right size and width for your feet.
  • Opt for closed lacing Oxfords for a more sophisticated touch.
  • Pair your Oxfords with a well – tailored suit in a complementary color.
  • Complete the look with dress socks that match either your shoe color or the suit.
  • Add the finishing touch with an elegant tie, pocket square, or cufflinks.

Casual look with chinos or jeans

To achieve a casual look with chinos or jeans, both Oxford and Derby shoes can be great options. Here’s how to style them:

  1. Pair your Oxford shoes with chinos or jeans for a laid – back yet polished look. Their sleek design and closed lacing system add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.
  2. Opt for a darker tone of leather, such as brown or black, to create a versatile and stylish combination with your casual bottoms.
  3. For an effortlessly cool ensemble, wear Derby shoes with chinos or jeans. The open lacing system of Derbys adds a relaxed feel to your outfit while still maintaining an element of refinement.
  4. Choose Derby shoes in lighter tones, like tan or cognac, to effortlessly complement your casual pants.
  5. Complete your look with these versatile shoes by adding a simple shirt or t – shirt along with some stylish accessories.
  6. Remember that both Oxford and Derby shoes are considered formal footwear styles but can be easily dressed down for more casual occasions.

Styling Derby Shoes

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For a casual yet refined look, pair Derby shoes with chinos or jeans and a well-fitted jacket.

Casual look with chinos or jeans

Casual Look with Chinos or Jeans:

  • Pair your Oxford shoes with a well – fitted pair of chinos for a stylish yet casual look.
  • Opt for a slim – fit pair of jeans to complement your Derby shoes and create a relaxed outfit.
  • The versatility of both Oxford and Derby shoes allows them to be paired effortlessly with chinos or jeans.
  • Create a trendy ensemble by combining your leather Oxfords with slim-cut jeans and a button-down shirt.
  • Achieve a laid-back vibe by wearing your Derby shoes with rolled-up chinos and a casual polo shirt.
  • Both Oxford and Derby shoes can instantly elevate the look of chinos or jeans, adding sophistication to your outfit.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures when styling these shoes with your favorite casual bottoms.
  • The combination of formal footwear styles like Oxfords or Derbys with more relaxed garments like chinos or jeans creates a balanced and fashionable look.

Semi-formal look for business-casual situations

Adding a pair of Derby shoes to your wardrobe can provide you with a versatile option for business-casual situations.

  1. Pair your Derbys with chinos: Opt for a tailored pair of chinos in a neutral color, such as navy or khaki, and pair them with your Derby shoes for a polished yet relaxed look.
  2. Add a blazer: To elevate the semi-formal vibe, throw on a well-fitted blazer over a crisp button-down shirt. This combination strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and approachability.
  3. Choose the right accessories: Complete your business-casual outfit by accessorizing with a sleek leather belt that matches the color of your shoes. Keep the rest of your accessories minimal and clean to maintain an elegant look.
  4. Consider texture: Experimenting with different textures can add depth and interest to your ensemble. Pair suede Derbys with textured chinos or opt for leather Derbys with a subtly patterned shirt or tie.
  5. Pay attention to details: Make sure your pants are properly hemmed to avoid any bunching around the ankles, and ensure that your shirt is neatly pressed. These small details go a long way in achieving a polished overall appearance.
  6. Embrace versatility: One of the key advantages of Derby shoes is their versatility. While they excel in business-casual settings, they can also be dressed down for more casual outings by pairing them with jeans or even shorts during warmer months.


Ultimately, the choice between Oxford and Derby shoes comes down to your personal style and the occasion you’re dressing for.

If you prefer a sleeker, more formal look, then Oxford shoes are the way to go.

On the other hand, if you value versatility and a more relaxed aesthetic, Derby shoes will be your best friend.

Regardless of which style you choose, both Oxford and Derby shoes offer timeless elegance and undeniable craftsmanship that will elevate any outfit.