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Flare leggings are making a major comeback in the fashion world. offering a versatile and stylish option for those who love to experiment with their wardrobe.

With their unique silhouette and nod to ’70s style, you might be wondering what shoes pair best with these trendy bottoms. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top shoe styles that not only complement flare leggings but elevate your outfit game altogether.

From classic heels to comfy sneakers and everything in between, discover the perfect footwear options that will have you stepping out in confidence.with your flare leggings.

Understanding Flare Leggings

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Flare leggings have undergone a resurgence in recent years, thanks in part to the Y2K fashion trend and style influencers like Emma Chamberlain embracing this ultimate throwback look.

These comfy yet stylish pants take their inspiration from the bell bottoms of the 1970s, featuring a tight fit around the waist and thighs before flaring out towards the ankles.

Not all flare leggings are created equal; there is quite a variety available on the market today. Some feature funky prints or bold colors, while others stick to classic black or neutral tones perfect for blending into any wardrobe.

You’ll even come across options with cut-outs at the ankle, giving them added visual interest and setting them apart from standard yoga pants or jazz pants. And let’s not forget about split ankle leggings, which merge modernity with retro fashion sensibilities.

It’s essential for those rocking flare leggings to bear in mind how different shoe styles can affect both comfort and overall appearance—a fab pair of shoes can make or break your ensemble! By taking note of hemline tips as you experiment with various footwear choices mentioned above, you’re bound to strike a perfect balance between style and function—whether going for a casual look complete with sneakers or dressing up your outfit using sky-high platforms! So embrace your inner Rachel Zoe as you navigate through understanding what shoes best complement those amazing flare leggings in your closet—in no time at all—you’ll be stepping out looking fabulous!

Best Shoe Styles For Flare Leggings

Elevate your look with the best shoe styles to wear with flare leggings, including classic heels, ankle boots, and casual sneakers.


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Heels serve as the perfect companion to flare leggings, elevating your look while visually elongating your legs. Flare leggings already work wonders in creating the illusion of a longer frame; when paired with stylish heels, this effect is enhanced even further.

Classic stilettos effortlessly add sophistication to any outfit featuring flare leggings – ideal for both casual and formal events. If you prefer a comfortable yet fashionable option, block heels should undoubtedly make their way into your shoe rotation.

For dressier occasions, consider pointed pumps or strappy sandals to elevate your ensemble without compromising on comfort.

Classic Heels

Classic heels are a timeless and elegant option for pairing with flare leggings, offering an elongated silhouette that enhances the overall look.

These versatile beauties are available in various heights and styles, including kitten heels, classic stilettos, and even modest block heels.

For instance, consider slipping into a pair of sleek black pumps to create an effortlessly chic ensemble for a business-casual affair or an evening soiree. Alternatively, you can opt for colorful or embellished classic heels to spice up monochromatic dressing or draw attention to bold printed flare leggings.

Chunky Heels

Chunky heels are a versatile and stylish option to pair with flare leggings. They offer both height and comfort, making them a great choice for long days on your feet or when you want to add some extra glamor to an outfit without sacrificing comfort.

Chunky heels come in different styles, such as platform and block heels, which can be worn with flare leggings. These heels add balance to an outfit featuring flare leggings by adding weight to the bottom of the shoe.

Neutral colors such as black, white, and beige are recommended for a classic, sophisticated look when wearing chunky heels with flare leggings.


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Wedges are a go-to shoe style for those looking for added height without the discomfort of traditional heels. They provide stability and comfort, making them perfect for long days out.

Wedge sandals are an excellent option to pair with flared leggings during the summer months. Platform wedges can give off a ’70s bohemian touch that complements the overall look well.

Meanwhile, wedge ankle boots offer a rebellious edge and can add length to your legs while keeping you warm in colder months. Loafers with wedge soles combine practicality with fashion-forwardness, making them an ideal choice for office wear or business-casual events.


Boots can be a great option for pairing with flare leggings. Ankle boots are a popular choice as they provide a chic and stylish look without overpowering the flared fit of the pants.

Platform Chelsea boots can also be a great addition to your wardrobe, providing both height and comfort. Biker boots offer an edgy aesthetic that works well with streetwear or casual outfits.

Western boots are recommended for those who want to add a touch of bohemian style to their looks.

When it comes to wearing boots with flare leggings, it’s important to find pairs that match your unique style while maintaining comfortability throughout the day. Consider incorporating different textures like suede, leather, or velvet into your outfit to add depth and interest.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a popular and versatile shoe style to wear with flare leggings. They provide a sleek and sophisticated look that is perfect for streetwear or an office look.

Ankle boots come in different styles such as lace-up, zip-up, and slip-on, making them easy to pair with any top. You can choose ankle boots with or without heels- pointed toe or round toe- depending on your preference and outfit choice.

When choosing ankle boots to match with your flare leggings outfit, it is important to consider the material and color of the boot. Leather or suede ankle boots bring texture into your outfit while metallic silver or gold paired with simple pants make a statement look.

Platform Chelsea Boots

Platform Chelsea boots are a favorite shoe style for those looking to add an edgy touch to their outfits. These boots come in different styles and materials, making them suitable for various occasions.

One way to rock these boots is by pairing them with loose-fitting sweaters and flared pants. This creates a stylish yet comfortable outfit that’s perfect for running errands or grabbing lunch with friends.

For a more elevated look, leather jackets and fedora hats make excellent additions when paired with Platform Chelsea boots.

Biker Boots

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Biker boots are a trendy shoe choice to wear with flared leggings. They have a sexy, rebellious vibe that matches well with the exaggerated look of flared leggings.

Biker boots also offer high versatility and can be worn with different tops and jackets to create various styles. Whether you’re going for an edgy street style or dressed-down chic, biker boots are perfect for achieving these looks with your flare leggings.

These boots come in different styles, including ankle-length or calf-length, as well as colors such as black, brown, or tan to match any color scheme or occasion.


Sneakers are a classic and versatile shoe option to pair with flare leggings. Whether you’re going for a sporty or casual look, sneakers can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Experiment with different styles, colors, and materials such as canvas sneakers like Converse shoes for a laid-back vibe or chunky sneakers for an edgier look.

For a pop of contrast against darker-colored flare leggings, opt for white sneakers. Sneakers work well with both cropped and full-length flare leggings, making them a comfortable yet stylish choice for any outfit.

Converse Shoes

Converse shoes are a popular choice when it comes to pairing them with flare leggings. They have a timeless and classic design that makes them versatile for different age groups.

Moreover, they come in various styles, colors, and materials, which means they can be worn in any season – making them the perfect shoe style option. Converse shoes offer both comfort and fashion; you can choose your favorite color or pattern from their extensive collections to achieve an effortlessly chic look for street wear or casual outings.

Another advantage of wearing Converse shoes is that compared to other shoe options, Converse shoes are relatively cheaper, so you can save some extra cash while still looking trendy.

Casual Sneakers

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Casual sneakers are a great option for a comfortable and stylish look with flare leggings. Canvas sneakers, such as Converse shoes, have become increasingly popular in recent years for their laid-back vibe that pairs well with the casual aesthetic of flare leggings.

For those looking for a more athletic touch to their outfit, running shoes can be an excellent choice.

When wearing casual sneakers with flare leggings, it’s best to keep in mind the overall color scheme of your outfit. Opting for neutral colors like white or black can help create a cohesive look that complements the statement piece of your flared bottoms without overwhelming them.

Additionally, it is important to choose footwear that offers comfort over style since you will likely be walking around all day or running errands on foot while sporting this kind of pair-up.


Flats are a comfortable and stylish option to wear with flare leggings for any occasion. Ballet flats, in particular, are versatile and match well with any outfit featuring flare leggings.

They add a touch of elegance while still maintaining a casual feel. Loafers are another classic option that can add sophistication to flare leggings outfits.

Mary Jane flats are also an excellent choice for wearing with flare leggings as they provide both cuteness and femininity to your outfit. Espadrilles can also add a summery touch to any outfit featuring flare leggings, making them perfect for summer months or beach outings.


Sandals are a versatile and stylish choice to wear with flare leggings. They come in different styles and materials, making it easy to dress them up or down.

Gladiator sandals are a popular choice for those who want to add a bohemian touch to their outfit while strappy sandals with high heels can elongate the legs and create a sleek silhouette when paired with flare leggings.

Wedge sandals provide comfort and style, making them suitable for any occasion, while flat sandals give off a more casual vibe.

When choosing sandals to pair with your flare leggings, consider the color scheme and material of both items to ensure they complement each other well. Sandals add versatility and convenience in summer months but also work well during transitional seasons when paired with cropped cardigans or oversized sweatshirts.


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Slides are a fantastic shoe style to wear with flare leggings. These shoes have an exaggerated look that is ultra-casual, making them perfect for those who prefer a laid-back and effortless aesthetic.

Slides come in different styles, colors, and materials, giving women various choices to pair with their flare leggings. They’re also versatile as they can be worn in any season and are a great option for summer wear.

One of the best things about slides is that they’re affordable yet worth investing in as they elevate even the simplest of outfits. While some people may overlook them due to their casual nature, slides have become increasingly popular among streetwear enthusiasts who seek both comfort and style.


Loafers are a timeless and classic shoe option that looks great with flared leggings. These shoes add a touch of sophistication to any outfit while still remaining comfortable to wear for long periods.

Loafers come in different colors, designs, and materials such as leather or suede. They also offer versatility as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For those wanting a more business-casual vibe, loafers paired with flared pants create the perfect look that is chic, professional and comfortable enough to last throughout the day.

Shoes To Avoid With Flare Leggings

Avoid wearing thin stiletto heels or pointed pumps with your flare leggings as they can make the outfit look disproportionate.

Thin Stiletto Heels

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When it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for flare leggings, thin stiletto heels should be avoided. This type of shoe can make your outfit appear unbalanced and awkward since they don’t provide enough support to balance out the flared leg.

Instead, opt for chunkier or sculptural heels that add weight to your look and help balance out the dramatic flare.

One great example of a stylish yet practical shoe pairing with flare leggings is ankle boots or booties with a block heel. These are not only easy to walk in but also a versatile choice that can dress up any casual outfit while still being appropriate for everyday wear.

Pointed Pumps

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For a dressy occasion, pointed pumps are a great choice to wear with flare leggings. Not only does the pointed toe add an elongating effect to your legs, but it also keeps the look streamlined and polished.

Opt for classic black or nude pairs to match any outfit effortlessly. or experiment with fun colors and prints if you’re feeling daring.

It’s important to note that not all types of pointed pumps work well with every height of flare leggings – stiletto heels may overwhelm shorter flares while chunkier block heels may overpower longer styles. However, experimenting with different heel heights is always encouraged in fashion!


Flare leggings are a comfortable and stylish piece that can elevate any outfit. When it comes to choosing shoes, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer heels, boots, sneakers or flats, there is a shoe style that will complement your flare leggings perfectly.

From classic pumps to chunky platform sandals, experimenting with different shoes can help you achieve the perfect look for any occasion.