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In the world of sneakers, GOAT has become a go-to marketplace for buying and selling authentic sports equipment and clothing. Fans of brands like Nike, Adidas, and Supreme can rest easy knowing their purchases are genuine thanks to GOAT’s thorough verification process.

However, many first-time users may wonder why it takes so long for their shoes to be verified by the platform.

In this blog post, we will explore the ins-and-outs of the GOAT verification process, the factors that can affect turnaround time, and tips on how to speed things up while ensuring your kicks pass muster.

Understanding The GOAT Verification Process

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To fully comprehend how GOAT verifies shoes, it’s essential to know the four primary stages of their verification process: order placement, seller shipping, verification at GOAT facilities, and finally shipping to the buyer.

Stage 1: Order Placement

Placing an order on GOAT is the first step in acquiring your dream pair of sneakers. As a shoe enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know that the platform offers a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of choices from popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Supreme.

The ordering process also involves adding shipping information and selecting payment options – either via credit card or services like PayPal. Once you have completed this stage successfully, GOAT sends you a confirmation email notifying you about your recent purchase.

From there onward, it’s all up to the seller to make sure the item reaches the next destination for verification – which could take anywhere between 3-4 business days for domestic orders.

For example, NBA players Kyle Kuzma and PJ Tucker rely on GOAT’s swift delivery system when shopping for exclusive sneakers online.

Stage 2: Seller Shipping

As a shoe lover, you can appreciate that the seller’s shipping process plays a critical role in getting your desired sneakers to you. In Stage 2 of GOAT’s verification process, once a buyer places an order and it is accepted by the seller, the responsibility for promptly and securely shipping the shoes falls on the seller.

It’s worth noting that as part of this stage, efficient communication from both parties greatly impacts turnaround time.

For example, if sellers are quick to respond to purchase orders and provide accurate tracking information, they increase their chances of positive customer feedback while adding value to their reputation within the expansive sneaker community.

Stage 3: Verification At GOAT Facility

Once your sneakers arrive at the GOAT facility, they undergo a rigorous authentication process performed by expert in-hand authenticators.

The team carefully inspects every aspect of your shoes, including their condition, cleanliness, and serial number to ensure that they match the details provided in the original listing.

The verification team at GOAT receives continuous training to stay up-to-date on sneaker trends and emerging counterfeit techniques so that they can quickly differentiate between authentic items and fakes.

If any discrepancies are found during this stage or if there’s suspicion that the shoes may not be genuine, GOAT will contact the seller for clarification or further investigation.

Stage 4: Shipping To Buyer

Once the sneakers have successfully undergone the verification process, they are shipped directly to the buyer. GOAT offers free shipping on orders over $50 within the US and international shipping is also available.

To ensure that your sneakers are delivered in good condition, GOAT has a quality control team that inspects each pair before sending them out. They also provide tracking information so you can keep an eye on your delivery status.

In addition to offering authentic products from trusted sellers, GOAT provides a streamlined shopping experience with their easy-to-use platform and reliable shipping options.

Factors Affecting GOAT Verification Time

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GOAT’s verification process is usually quick, but sometimes it can take longer due to factors such as high volume of orders, availability of authenticators, and holidays and weekends.

High Volume Of Orders

When there’s a high volume of orders on GOAT, it can impact the speed of the verification process. This is because GOAT has to keep up with demand while ensuring that each order gets the necessary attention and time for verification.

For example, if you’re looking to purchase limited edition Nike or Adidas sneakers from a popular release date, chances are many other buyers are trying to do the same thing.

If you find that your shoes have been “Verified” but not yet shipped by GOAT despite several days having passed since placing an order then this could be due to increased volume pressure on their system leading up till now which slows down their warehouse operations significantly.

Availability Of Authenticators

The availability of authenticators is another factor that affects the verification time for GOAT. Even with a team of in-hand authenticators and machine learning technologies, there are only so many sneakers that can be authenticated at one time.

During high volume periods, such as big sneaker releases or holidays, it may take longer to find available authenticators to physically inspect the shoes.

Additionally, some limited edition or rare SKUs require specific expertise to authenticate correctly which may cause further delays.

Holidays And Weekends

GOAT’s authentication process is dependent on the availability of authenticators, and during holidays and weekends, there may be a delay in the verification process.

This is because GOAT does not carry out the verification process on weekends or public holidays in the United States.

For example, during Black Friday sales or Cyber Monday deals, GOAT experiences an influx of sneaker purchases; thus, it takes longer for sneakers to be verified. Additionally, limited SKUs may require more time for authentication due to their uniqueness or rarity.

How Reliable Is The GOAT Verification Process?

Why Is Goat Taking So Long To Verify My Shoes

GOAT’s verification process is highly reliable and crucial to ensuring buyers receive genuine products on the platform.

The company uses machine learning technologies, in-hand authenticators, and physical checks by experienced staff to detect fake listings or any defects/damages on sneakers.

The company’s stringent processes result in a 100% authenticity guarantee for all items sold on their marketplace.

Buyers can trust that they will get value for their money as GOAT takes measures to minimize returns and ensure customer satisfaction.

GOAT’s dedication to quality control ensures customers can shop with confidence knowing that every pair of sneakers is inspected thoroughly before shipping out from one of its warehouses.

Tips For A Faster Verification Process

If you’re a shoe lover looking to get your sneakers authenticated on GOAT as quickly as possible, here are some tips to speed up the verification process:

  1. Provide detailed pictures and descriptions: Include multiple high-quality photos of your shoes from different angles, including any logos or tags. Make sure to provide accurate information about the size, colorway, and condition of the shoes.
  2. Choose expedited shipping: If you’re a seller shipping your shoes to GOAT, choosing an expedited shipping option can help get your shoes to the verification facility faster.
  3. Monitor your email for updates: Stay on top of any communication emails from GOAT regarding your order or verification status. Respond promptly if they need any additional information or clarification.
  4. Be patient during high-volume periods: Understand that during peak shopping seasons or new sneaker releases, there may be a higher volume of orders and verifications taking place at GOAT’s facilities. This may result in longer processing times.
  5. Use authentic products only: Avoid wasting time by ensuring that the shoes you buy or list on GOAT are 100% authentic to avoid any issues with fraudulent items that could cause delays in the verification process.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a smoother and faster verification process with GOAT for all your sneaker buys and sales!


In conclusion, GOAT’s verification process is vital in ensuring that customers receive authentic products. While it may take some time to complete the process, this ensures that buyers receive only legitimate sneakers and helps minimize returns.

Factors such as high volume orders and availability of authenticators can affect the verification time, but GOAT strives to ensure speedy processing.

For a faster experience, consider purchasing during weekdays or holidays when GOAT has more authenticators available.