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What Type Of Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

18 Mar 2023

Currently, flare and bootcut jeans are two of the most popular denim cuts. We've pointed out that this cutting edge silhouette is gradually replacing more traditional ones among the fashion set over the course of the past few seasons. Flares, like other denim cuts, are extremely adaptable and can be worn with nearly anything. And when it comes to shoes, you can literally wear anything with flared jeans. However, there are a few classic shoe designs that excel in this regard. To help you out, we'll be highlighting some of these shoes down below.

By scrolling down, you will find numerous examples of how trend-setters have worn flared jeans. The featured footwear ranges from classic booties that are perfect for the upcoming fall to trendy sneakers that are perfect for trying out right this second.

Please continue. Shopping ideas galore, including the season's trendiest flares, are also abundant here.

What Type Of Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

1. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

For the best look with flare jeans, pair a pair of ankle boots with a square or almond toe. If you want to wear boots with your flare jeans, opt for simple ankle boots rather than knee-high styles.

The chunkier the heel, the more comfortable the shoe, and the shorter the flare, the more of a 1970s look you'll get, and the '70s are back in style. Furthermore, what's in style right now? The long bell bottoms are another throwback to the '70s.

The key is to get a pair of ankle boots that fit snugly around the lower leg above the ankle. In this manner, your pants will fall in a smooth line from your knees down.

The form of the toes is crucial as well. When your boots (great with longer flares) peek out from beneath the hemline of your jeans, opt for a more rounded/almond shape for a softer look. Your decision to use a platform is completely up to you!

These boots are great because they match practically any pair of jeans or pants.

2. Platforms


Are you on the hunt for a pair of shoes that will complement your bell bottoms? Wearing platform shoes with ultra-70s flare jeans is a no-brainer. With platforms, we can walk in heels that are 6 inches high without feeling uncomfortable (or even flat!).

These will fit perfectly under the bell bottoms. Platform sandals with chunky heels are perfect for the Spring/Summer of 2022. In a nutshell, they're a win-win because they're both stylish and practical.

You can tuck them into your floor-length jeans, or, if you want to show off your fabulous platform sandals, you can have your hem end about 1 to 1.5 inches above the heel, as shown in the image.

3. Chunky Boots

Chunky boots, whether they're ankle or calf high, heeled or flat, look great with flare or bell bottom jeans. Particularly the fashionable boots of the 2022 season, which feature a high lug sole and are visually similar to combat boots.

But timeless styles like Doc Martens—particularly platform versions—are always a good bet. There is a plethora this year. My top picks? Shoes with a small heel or platform to make you look taller.

Any length of flare jeans will look great with tall boots. They will be even more accentuated by a pair of cropped bell bottoms or flares.

4. Wedges and Flatforms with Flares

Wedges and Flatforms with Flares

If you want to maintain that 1970s vibe while wearing your wide leg jeans, such as bell bottoms, wedges are a great option.

Flare pants look great with wedge heels or even flatforms, which provide a bit of height without putting too much strain on your balls of the feet. If you're going for a laid-back, natural vibe, go with a cork pedestal.

5. Heels


The extra height you get from heels is similar to that of platform shoes, and when paired with flared jeans, the look is both elevated and sophisticated. Wearing sandals with thin straps that reveal little of the foot will make your legs appear longer. Celebrities like Rihanna and Hailey Bieber wear pointed-toe heels, which have the same effect.

6. Sneakers

Wearing sneakers with your flare jeans will give you a sporty and casual look. Back when I was in high school and even into college, I lived in my flares and sneakers.

Except for sweats, which I avoided wearing in public.

Flares look great with today's classic sneaker (we're thinking Adidas Stan Smiths and Superstars). or, even better, sneakers with a thicker outsole. Certainly, a flat-soled sneaker makes sense.

7. Sandals


In warmer climates, wearing a pair of sporty sandals or flip flops with your flared jeans is a great way to stay cool without sacrificing your style.



Slip-ons go great with your bell bottoms or flare jeans for a more delicate look. It's vital that you try on potential slip-ons while wearing your flares to check that the bottom hem doesn't drag on the ground. You can make any outfit look classic in these flats, and they're easy on the feet, too.

No matter your stance on animal products, it's important to find a pair of shoes that not only complements your style but also reflects your values. Vegan sneakers are the solution to your fashion predicament.



Finally, trainers round out our list of top picks for shoes to wear with flare jeans or bell bottoms, and not just because we don't think they're a great choice to make for style and comfort!

You can find a pair of walking shoes that fits you well, lasts a long time, and is comfortable to wear no matter who you are. As a result, if you know you'll be on your feet for a long period of time, trainers are one of the best options to go for (For more tips, don't miss our blogpost about the 9 most comfortable shoes for standing all day), and you can be confident that you'll find the shoes to match your outfit. Therefore, trainers are an obvious choice for anyone who wants to look fashionable while also benefiting their health.


What Shoes Work Best with Flare Jeans and How to Maintain Them

You probably already knew that shoes and flare jeans have different maintenance instructions.

Shoes should be brushed on a regular basis to remove dirt and dust from the uppers. A damp cloth with some soap on it can be used to remove stains.

For optimal preservation, store them somewhere cool, dry, and dark.

Flare jeans should be washed in the conventional manner, with cold water and a mild detergent. Washing them in the dryer could cause them to shrink or even rip, so I wouldn't recommend it. Try letting them dry naturally in the air instead.

Are Bell Bottoms and Flare Jeans Same ?

The quick answer is "yes," but there is some dissimilarity between the two approaches. Flare jeans are usually narrower than bell bottoms and have a wider opening at the bottom, while bell bottoms become progressively wider from the knees down, creating a bell shape.

Flared jeans create a wide opening (a flare) at the ankle point, while bell bottoms have a more bell-like shape.

Flare jeans are the best option if you want your leg opening to be extra large.

Are flare jeans flattering?

Flares, like many other styles of women's jeans, are extremely flattering. The modern asymmetrical hemline gives the garment a lovely, curved silhouette that could be particularly flattering to your feminine figure. And unlike skinny jeans, the flare doesn't end at the ankles, so they make your legs look longer as well (in floor touching variants).

What Kind of Sandals Go Best With Flare Jeans for the Summer?

To look fashionable and to keep your feet cool during the hot summer months, try pairing your flare jeans with a pair of sandals. When the weather is warm, slip on a pair of platform sandals.

In other words, can you rock a pair of Converse sneakers with a pair of flare jeans?

Sure, you can rock those flare jeans with a pair of sneakers. Converse and Vans are ideal for a more laid-back look, while athletic sneakers, modern retro pairs, and Nikes are great for a more put-together occasion.

Can you tell me which Flat Shoes would look good with Flares?

Flat sandals and Vans are two of the best shoe options for a casual outfit. You can wear them with any outfit because they have a timeless design. In addition, Vans are the cutest sneaker option for wearing with jeans.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety is common when trying to put together a new outfit that you have never worn before. Also, being bold in your fashion choices requires a certain amount of self-assurance.

Given that flare jeans have been a fashion staple for so long, it's fortunate that they're so simple to dress up. And since they're fundamental to so many different styles, you're sure to find something to your liking.

I hope you've learned what shoes look best with flare jeans after perusing the nine featured outfits.

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