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What Type Of Shoes For Indoor Soccer

18 Mar 2023


The soles of soccer cleats are typically designed to dig into the grass or turf. Traction is essential when playing on grass to avoid injuries. Normal soccer cleats aren't the most practical footwear for artificial fields. Synthetic grass has much more durable blades than natural grass. Furthermore, artificial turf is installed over a porous mat or sand base.

Traditional soccer cleats or shoes will not provide adequate traction when used on artificial turf. They won't be conducive to rest or offer adequate support.

As a result, artificial turf venues and fields typically prohibit regular soccer cleats. For adequate grip and comfort on your ankles and knees while playing on artificial turf, indoor soccer shoes feature short rubber studs/dimples.

What Sets Futsal Apart From Indoor Soccer

The two sports, indoor soccer and Futsal, are distinct in a few key ways. For starters, Futsal is a flat, hard-court sport with a high level of technical difficulty. Futsal is characterized by quick, deft touches and flicks that take advantage of the sped-up playing surface and the optimized ball's reduced bouncing ability to gain an advantage over the opposition.

Unlike the traditional indoor turf, the artificial grass used for indoor soccer more closely mimics the feel of playing the game outside. Indoor soccer also makes use of the standard football. However, the slower playing surface requires more individual skill demonstration and player dominance to open up scoring chances.

What Type Of Shoes For Indoor Soccer

Whether you prefer Nike, Adidas, or another brand, chances are good that you can find an indoor version of your favorite soccer cleat model. Therefore, it can be a daunting task to select the best option from among so many alternatives. To make your selection of the best indoor soccer cleats a little less of a headache, we have compiled a short list of some of the more noteworthy models.

Need to know how we chose the top indoor soccer shoes? To get an idea of how we evaluate things, please continue reading.

1. Adidas Samba Classic

Adidas Samba Classic


  • Amazing ease of use
  • Value for the money
  • Built to last
  • Highly recommended for use on indoor courts.
  • The perfect aesthetic complement to your off-duty wardrobe
  • Amazing ease of use
  • Superb control of the ball
  • Looks great and fits perfectly.
  • Insoles with detachable arch supports


  • Intense sole
  • No room for wide feet


The Adidas Samba Classic lives up to its name, as it is just as popular today as it was when it was first released decades ago. This soccer shoe has been praised for its long-lasting performance. After breaking them in, customers were pleased with the soccer cleats' level of comfort. This soccer cleat is well-liked by football players due to its long lifespan, reliable grip, and comfortable design.

2.Nike Streetgato

Nike Streetgato


  • Cozy upper
  • Excellent control of the ball.
  • Framework for support
  • Cushy padding
  • This version fits much better than the original.
  • Resilient enough for use on the pavement
  • Value for the money


  • A heel that is noticeably chunkier than average
  • Discordant color palettes


Nike has brought back the Streetgato after ten years, and it's just as comfortable and stylish as the original. The suede and mesh upper allows air to circulate while the synthetic lining cushions your foot. This indoor soccer cleat also has a sturdy heel counter and a high-quality lacing system, both of which contribute to its superior support.

3.Adidas Mundial Goal

Adidas Mundial Goal


  • Wonderful command of the ball
  • Minimal acclimation required
  • Outstanding help
  • Superb contact with the ball
  • Interesting clever design
  • Value for money


  • Lacking in durability
  • This suede is far too delicate to wear.


Besides having that familiar Adidas look and feel, the Mundial Goal also provided excellent performance and ball contact. Despite widespread adoration for this timeless shoe, concerns about its longevity have surfaced. Even though it lacks some of the cutting-edge features of the Adidas Predator 19.1 Trainers, it is still a popular choice among both pros and amateurs.

4.Nike Lunar Gato II IC

Nike Lunar Gato II IC


  • Extensively relaxing
  • Smooth leather upper
  • Lightweight
  • Dress to impress
  • An enjoyable sensation
  • Consolidation time is relatively quick.
  • Soft and comfortable.


  • Holding on for dear life
  • Not very long-lasting


When it comes to the fundamentals of the five-a-side game, the Nike Lunar Gato II Indoor soccer cleats have you covered. More than just meeting users' expectations in terms of comfort, cost, and ball touch, its fashionable design was a big hit as well. There are a few issues with this pair, but they don't compare to the benefits they provide.

There Are Other Considerations When Buying Indoor Soccer Shoes

If you want to get the most out of your indoor soccer shoes, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind.

1. Support

Indoor shoes tend to have a low profile and a lower cut. For a more natural and grounded experience, your feet will be able to rest lower in the shoe.

They're designed for running fast while still keeping control of the ball, so they have sturdy soles and supportive arches.

2. Weight

Indoor soccer cleats are typically much heavier than their outdoor counterparts. The reason for this is that rubber soles are typically much thicker.

For shoes worn indoors, however, weight is not as important.

3. Breathability

As the temperature in an indoor soccer arena can quickly rise, ventilation is often a crucial consideration. In addition, the use of mesh in key areas can significantly reduce the temperature of your feet while playing indoors, as lighter materials tend to be more breathable.


Can Indoor Soccer Cleats Be Worn For Futsal?

Sure. While the best futsal shoes do have flat soles, a larger portion of your foot will be in contact with the court's hard surface. Indoor soccer cleats also feature a special synthetic stud design.

They'll feel fine on the harder surface, but you won't be able to put as much weight on the floor, increasing the risk of injury.

How Much Do Indoor Soccer Cleats Weigh?

Most popular athletic shoe brands have a size 10 shoe that weighs around 11 ounces (311 grams). This weighs a little more than your average workout shoe. Shoes for futsal weigh about the same as regular shoes.

Which Shoes Should I Buy for Indoor Soccer?

You should think about a few things before making a final decision on the best indoor soccer shoes. To help you choose the best soccer shoes for playing on artificial turf, keep the following things in mind:

The Fitting. When looking for a pair of indoor soccer shoes, fit is the most important consideration. The space between the toes and the heel should be minimal. It's crucial for both comfort and safety because it stops the foot from sliding inside the shoe. Having your foot pinched in a shoe that's too small is incredibly unpleasant

If You Can Afford It, Go For Genuine Leather. Cleats for playing on artificial turf can be crafted from either real or synthetic leather. Kangaroo leather stretches, so the shoe can mold to the wearer's foot. Furthermore, as the shoes are worn in, they become more individualized, which improves comfort and touch on the ball.

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