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What Type Of Pointe Shoes Are Best For Beginners

19 Mar 2023

For those just starting out in the world of ballet, pointe shoes are an important investment. There's a chance this review will be different from the others I've written in the past. There won't be many affiliate links because many of the products I'll be recommending are available only at specialty retailers. What do I do now to actually put together this article? I don't solely rely on my past encounters. I did my research by reading reviews and interviewing many dancers. However, I restricted myself to well-established names in the industry.

Warning: this doesn't imply that these are the only shoes you should wear if you're just starting out. My first pair of pointe shoes was by a manufacturer I had never heard of. Moreover, they performed admirably. A pair of Freed pointe shoes would be within my budget once the time was right.

If this is the case, you should schedule time with a pointe fitter as soon as possible. You should seek help from this individual. She'll take into account your age, flexibility, strength, foot width, etc., to suggest the best shoe for you. Not everything is as it seems in the world of pointe shoes. Pointe work is a delicate and painful process. For this reason, it calls for substantial time, energy, and attention, as well as training, a nutritious diet, persistence, and patience.

What Type Of Pointe Shoes Are Best For Beginners

1. Russian Pointe

Russian Pointe

Founded in Moscow in 1998, Russian Pointe is one of the most well-known manufacturers of pointe shoes worldwide. The Russian Pointe dancewear line is one of the most popular on the market. Famous dancers tend to have wider toe joints and narrower metatarsal bones.

All the components of Russian Pointes are all-natural and of high quality. The pre-arched design of these shoes mimics the shape of your foot, drawing attention to your arches and enhancing your point work, as I have noticed.

Those of you who have narrow feet should get some Russian Pointe. You'll feel comfortable and stylish in these shoes thanks to the medium-high heel and thin sole.

Russian Pointe is another great option for those who have a wider foot because of the minimal break-in time. Russian Pointe Shoes, in a Nutshell, Are:

  • Superb for drawing attention to the arch
  • Reliable, long-lasting shank
  • Minimal infiltration

2.  Bloch 


Bloch, founded by Mastercraftsman Jacob Bloch in 1932, is another well-known manufacturer of Pointe footwear. The prices for Bloch Pointe shoes, which are handcrafted and of high quality, are fair.

The ballet shoes at Bloch are suitable for both novices and seasoned dancers alike. Pointe dancers have close to 30 options from which to choose from in Bloch's extensive collection. To name just one example, "Serenade" is a top pick. According to Bloch, the "Serenade insole" can be shaped to the dancer's feet on the first day of use.

3. Freed of London

Freed of London

In 1992, Frederick Freed established Freed of London in the British capital. They've been in the game ever since, and now they're widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to creating high-quality dance footwear for professionals.

Their Pointe shoes are all made in England by skilled artisans. Despite being handmade, each pair of these shoes is the same high quality.

It's true that not many companies make Pointe shoes by hand anymore, but Freed is one of them, and they sell them to some of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world. There are six distinct styles of Freed Pointe shoes, with the "Classics" being the most well-known and widely worn.

4. Capezio 


Capezio Pointe shoes are the best option if your feet are broad and square. Since they are crafted from superior materials, including a satin edging and a supple cotton exterior.

These Pointe shoes are a favorite among dancers with even toe length and a wide forefoot. The wide leather toe box is a standout feature of these shoes and is especially welcome by those with wider than average feet.

Capezio Pointe shoes are renowned for their many innovative features, including:

  • Low to medium sexiness
  • Make use of high-quality components
  • Minimal background noise
  • Tissues in the neck form a U.

5. Ijonda Pointe Shoes

Ijonda Pointe Shoes

To prevent damage during transport, these pointe shoes come with silicone toe pads and a mesh bag. Those with a wider foot and toe will find comfort in their roomy toe box. They are best suited for average to shorter toe lengths due to the vamp's length.

Adjust the fit with the elastic and ribbons, and the leather sole is slip-resistant. In case you need to make any alterations, they also include a needle, extra thread, and fabric.

Two silicon pads, designed to fit in the space between your toes and the box, are included. If you really need the silicone toe pads, get a half or full size larger than you normally would. If you have wide feet, this is something you should do as well. If you're not sure, go with what you normally wear.

6. DoGeek Satin Pointe

DoGeek Satin Pointe

Both kids and grownups can find the right fit in these pointe shoes. For those with a lower arch and narrower foot, these shoes are a good fit because of the sturdy shank. They have pre-attached ribbons and a V-shaped throat, making them ideal for those with higher arches.

You should buy a half size larger than you normally would because they have gel silicone toe pads for added comfort and protection.

These shoes are highly regarded for having the same feel and performance as much more costly professional pointe shoes, but you may need to add an elastic band to the heel yourself if you plan on dancing for an extended period of time.

7. Wendywu Professional Ballet Slipper

Wendywu Professional Ballet Slipper

These pointe shoes are great for flexible arches due to the stiff shank and tapered toe box. A convenient bag is included for transporting your shoes to and from school or practice.

They have gel toe pads and the ribbons are already sewn on. Leather is used for both the upper and the soles, making them slip-resistant. You should select the same size that you normally wear from the wide range of sizes available (from kids to adults).

8. Daydance Ballet Pointe Shoes

Daydance Ballet Pointe Shoes

These pointe shoes are available in a wide range of colors, including red, black, pink, and beige, so you don't have to stick with the standard pale pink. The satin upper and cork outsole make these flats ideal for beginners or those with a less flexible arch. The 3/4-hardness shank ensures a secure footing.

In comparison to traditional pointe shoes, their sizing may vary slightly due to the silicone toe pads included in the package. Toe pads or no, you should buy your regular size in the shoes. Buy a half size smaller than you normally would if you don't intend to use the toe pads.

9. Wewesale Blue Ballet Pointe Shoes

If you want to grab everyone's attention or need a pair of pointe shoes to complete a costume, these blue ones are perfect for you. The soles and uppers are both made of leather. All you have to do is attach the ribbons that are included.

You might want to order a half size up from your regular shoe size, as they tend to run a little small.

10. FR Duval 3.0 Updated Professional Pointe Shoes

These pointe shoes are more costly than most others you'll find on Amazon, but they're worth it because of the comfort and support they provide. They can be found in three different shank strengths: flexible, regular, and strong. That way, you know you're getting shoes that are suitable for your feet and your level of activity.

There is a helpful size chart to use, but customers with wider feet should order a half size (0.5 cm) larger than they normally would. They are available in standard, wide, and extra-wide widths.

Pink satin uppers, a latex sole, an elasticized back (essential if you plan to do a lot of dancing), and pre-tied ribbons are what you can expect to find in this pair of shoes.

11. Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes With Sewed Ribbon

The Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes with Sewed Ribbon are an affordable, no-frills pair of point shoes ideal for beginners.

The Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes With Sewed Ribbon have a basic design with few extras so they can be affordably priced for newcomers.

Differentiating between street shoe sizes and pointe shoe sizes can be difficult, but the size chart provided by Bezioner will help you find the perfect pair of shoes.

However, the sizing of pointe shoes can be tricky, so an exchange may be in order.

Though the satin used to make the Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes is of serviceable quality, it has a tendency to tear over time where the foot rests in the shoe.

The solution is to keep the shoes dry and reinforce the soles with darning thread before you dance in them.

Finally, the Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes are ideal for novices due to their roomy toe box and boxy silhouette.

This equipment helps you strengthen your feet and roll en pointe with ease by ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed over your shoe.

12. TXJ Pink Pointe Ballet Shoes

The TXJ Pink Pointe Ballet Shoes are an economical option for dancers just starting out or who are in need of a replacement pair.

For a low price, you can get a pair of pink pointe ballet shoes from TXJ that are sized for both women and girls.

These shoes are a good deal because of their low cost and straightforward but practical design.

You'll need to sew in the toe pads and ribbons that come with the IJONDA Adult Ballet Pointe Shoes before you can wear them to class, but otherwise they're ready to go.

Getting these shoes is simple, and then you and your instructor can get started on the right foot with your pointe work.

Despite the peculiarity of the size chart, a thorough chart is provided to help you determine your correct shoe size before placing an order.

The long, tapered shape of the toe box in these shoes may not be entirely comfortable for all dancers without some additional padding.

Because of the shape of the toe box, the platform size is restricted; however, many beginners have successfully used these shoes to begin their en pointe training.

To get used to the feeling of being on pointe, dancers typically begin with a wide toe box, and then gradually transition to a style that better accommodates their foot type.

Start with a square toe box if you're not sure what works best for your foot, but eventually you'll figure out what does.

13. Bezoiner Beginner Ballet Pointe Shoes

Bezoiner Beginner Ballet Pointe Shoes are the last pair of shoes for beginners that we'll be discussing today.

A great pair of inexpensive, beginner-friendly shoes.

The Bezoiner Ballet Pointe Shoes for Beginners are a novel option for dancers just starting out because they lack some of the features found in more common shoes for newcomers.

There are many types of shoes for new students, but many of them have medium-hard shanks so that your feet can start to get stronger as you learn.

In contrast, the shanks of the Bezoiner Beginner Ballet Pointe Shoes are pliable and soft.

This will make it possible for beginners to practice rolling up on pointe and gaining height over their boxes with greater ease.

Both harder and softer shanks have their advantages for beginners, so it's up to you and your instructor to decide which one is right for you.

The Bezoiner Beginner Ballet Pointe Shoes are a fantastic option for those just starting out in ballet because they are reasonably priced.

Purchasing a pair of value shoes is a smart way to test the waters and see if you like pointe dancing before committing to a more serious study of the art form.


In conclusion, it is challenging to locate quality ballet pointe shoes for novice dancers. Despite extensive shoe shopping, some dancers still haven't found their perfect pair. If you've never worn pointe shoes before, online shopping is not the way to go. Please use this article as a reference. Prices and available models are listed in the provided links. Schedule a visit to a pointe shoe fitter once you've done that.

Your progress as a dancer and the quality of your class work will be affected by the pointe shoe you choose at the outset. Depending on your technique, strength, and the natural development of each foot, a different pair of pointe shoes will be appropriate at different times. The wrong shoe is not only painful, but it can also be dangerous.

The best pointe shoes are the ones that keep your feet in place while you're practicing and allow you to improve your technique. They are the shoes that you can put on and immediately feel better in. If you're still on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes, I hope this article was helpful.

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