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Birkenstock Type Shoes To Wear All Summer Long

19 Mar 2023

Birkenstock sandals, once among the least desirable options for women's footwear, have undergone a complete makeover in recent years, going from fashion faux pas to fashion must-have.

It's true, once unfashionable Birkenstock sandals and other flatbed styles are now in vogue. Good news for those who travel frequently: we can now combine practicality and aesthetics when assembling our capsule wardrobes.

Not only do flatbed sandals have orthopedic benefits, but their casual and easy-to-wear designs make them a favorite among travelers (and now, style icons).

We can walk for hours without our feet hurting or getting blisters thanks to Birkenstocks and other sandals like them. And now we have even more variety because many different designs are readily available.

The following are some of our favorite Birkenstocks and alternatives that will keep your feet cool and comfortable all season long.

Birkenstock Type Shoes

1. Giaborghini


The 2016 company GIABORGHINI, founded by Florentine designer Barbara Borghini, has as its primary focus the empowerment of women in business. Products by GIABORGHINI are created in Italy by skilled artisans who apply their imagination and originality. Clumsy-chic sandals like the Double Touch-Strap Sandals and the Open-Toe Chunky Sandals help them accomplish their mission of giving women a sense of strength, independence, and comfort.

2. Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies

Aurora James, founder of the 15 Percent Pledge and one of the most talked-about designers working today, launched the sustainable accessories line Brother Vellies by drawing inspiration from traditional African aesthetics. The brand has been centered on fusing traditional artisanal production with eye-catching, where-did-you-get-that designs since its inception in 2013. The brand may be best recognized for its towering statement heels, but it also provides stunning variations on the classic walking sandal.

3. Emme Parsons

Emme Parsons

Emme Parsons uses classic European design elements as inspiration for her exclusive footwear line (the line is a favorite amongst the fashion editor set). Founded in 2017, the label is a go-to for anyone looking for dressy flats that are surprisingly as comfortable and durable for long walks as your favorite pair of house clogs.

4. Alexandre Birman

 Alexandre Birman

The Brazilian culture has been a major inspiration for the shoe company Alexandre Birman, which is known for its luxurious slides. These sandals are a great Birkenstock alternative, and the variety includes styles like the Clarity Sport Sandal and the Asymmetric Clarita Braided Baby Leaf Flat.

5. Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals

Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals

These cute sandals from Tory Burch feature the label's signature logo for a classic look. The cork soles are supportive and lightweight, making these shoes an excellent alternative to Birkenstocks.

6.Freedom Moses Slide

Freedom Moses Slide

These slides are perfect for the beach because of their bright colors and funky pattern. In addition to providing comfortable arch support, the double buckle design reminiscent of Birkenstocks allows for a personalized fit.

7. Skechers Arch Fit Granola Sandals

Skechers Arch Fit Granola Sandals

Suede is a classic choice for cozy footwear. These sandals feature a podiatrist-approved Arch Fit insole for superior arch support (hello, comfort).

8. Arizona Sandals

Arizona Sandals

The Arizona sandal by Birkenstock is marketed as the "One for All" model. The Arizona-style slide has been a favorite of mine ever since it was first introduced in 1973; my favorite features are the thick cork sole and the two buckle straps. The variety of colors and patterns now available is the main difference. These are far superior to any Birkenstocks you can buy in Arizona.

9. Gizeh


Another Birkenstock shoe that has gained a devoted following is the Gizeh. Another characteristic that sets this t-strap sandal apart is its distinctive, often contrasting, toe divider.

This fashionable sandal is a great choice to complement a wide variety of casual apparel. Summer dresses, miniskirts, jumpsuits, and bermuda shorts are all fair game. These fashionable sandals aren't new to me, either. This hairstyle is always in vogue.

10. Madrid


We also really enjoy the Madrid slide. The slip-on style makes it easy to look put together. These sandals were made for fans of Birkenstock knockoffs with a minimalist aesthetic.

This pattern goes well with a variety of bottoms, from shorts to maxi dresses to jeans and rompers. This less expensive sandal is just as comfortable as Birkenstock, and it won't break the bank.

11. Boston Clog 

Boston Clog

When it comes to footwear, Boston Clog sandals are not restricted to PJ hours. People who have to be on their feet all day love these cozy apartments. These cozy footbed shoes have a closed toe design that works well for maintaining a comfortable foot temperature and airflow.

While the wide toe box of these classic sandals may make them the first choice, the company also produces pointed-toe sandals and a variety of other styles. One of them are clogs, a more stable relative of the sandal. Birkenstock's signature cork sole and buckle strap are both present on the Boston clog.

12. Yara


To say that this particular style of ankle-buckle sandals has won over the hearts of men and women who prefer the security of closed-toe shoes would be an understatement. These wraparound flats were clearly inspired by gladiator sandals. Like traditional cork bed shoes, this Yara alternative will quickly become your favorite pair of flats for warm-weather adventures and travel. Below is a compilation of some of the most viable, cost-effective alternatives to Yara.

13. Kairo


These sandals with a cork footbed are a dream for those who want the ease of slides but the support of closed-toe shoes thanks to the adjustable instep straps. You won't need to use your toes to keep the sandals in place like you would with flip-flops. With time, the insoles of your feet will become accustomed to the ergonomic design of this Birkenstock alternative.

14. Granada

The sole is made of solid rubber and the upper is made of 100% leather, making the Granada Birkenstock sandal an ideal travel companion.

The cute laser cutouts make this airy as the perfect summer sandal, and you can wear them with shorts, a linen dress, or a romper. This sandal is offered in a wide range of hues and widths.

15. Papillio Lola

Dressier footwear is always welcome when traveling, and there may be times when you wish you had brought some along. Wedges are the conventionally recommended method.

The EVA outsole, suede lining, and signature cork-latex footbed give the Papillio Lola sandals their legendary softness and support. However, this shoe is also extremely fashionable.

These shoes have been praised by many who say they are "comfortable with a cute wedge that goes with so many outfits!" Wonderful for those who need a narrower fit due to foot width.

16. Honolulu EVA

The Honolulu Birkenstocks are great multipurpose shoes because you can wear them on the beach or in the shower.

Extremely portable, they feature a footbed made of EVA that is designed to properly mold to the feet, making them ideal for a trip to a warm climate where you won't have to worry about keeping your feet dry. They are also simple to clean.

You can get these in a range of shades, as well as half sizes.

17. Mayari

The Mayari sandals are a favorite of TFG readers due to their chic design and comfortable cushioned EVA sole and cork footbed lined with suede.

When you adjust the straps, the footbed will conform to the shape of your foot, making this style the brand's signature functional feature. This is also offered in a variety of eye-catching hues and a variety of sizes, including the coveted half-size.

18. Teva Original Universal

Not everyone is a fan of the cork board insole of the classic Birkenstock sandal, so if you prefer a slightly softer footbed but still want the look of Birkenstocks, the Original Universal from Teva may be a good option.

These shoes, inspired by the Birkenstock design, are a great addition to any off-duty or athletic ensemble. The Universal's strapping system provides a superbly secure fit and multiple points of adjustment, in addition to the shoe's soft cushioned footbed, for luxurious all-day comfort.

The soles of these sandals are made to last, making them ideal for excursions over several miles. They are impervious to water, simple to wipe down, and resistant to the appearance of stains or marks. They have the same foot-shaping bed as traditional Birkenstocks, but with the added support of an arch cookie.

When you want the comfort of a Birkenstock in a sandal with a bit more give, these are a great choice. They are available in a rainbow of hues, so pick one that complements your personal taste.

19. Blowfish Malibu

Blowfish is known for its trendy footwear for young women, and their Malibu sandal is a modern update on the classic Birkenstock design.

These sandals are reminiscent of Birkenstocks and feature a faux cork board footbed and a strapped, fisherman-inspired design that is both contemporary and classic.

Sandals in the style of the popular Birkenstock will keep your feet cool and dry in tropical climates. They are equally at home accompanying you on a stroll through the city as they are on a jungle hike.

You only need one pair to become completely enamored. Give the line a try, and you'll quickly discover that they're not only a stylish option, but also a practical one.

20. White Mountain

The White Mountain leather sandals are an excellent option if you want a pair of shoes that evokes the style of Birkenstock but still feels modern.

The contoured footbed, wide strap design, and durable outsole of this shoe are all reminiscent of Birkenstocks. They say the arch isn't as high as Birkenstocks, and many customers prefer the White Mountain design.

Although these sandals do not come in half sizes, they do come in six different colors and are a great alternative to the more expensive Birkenstocks.


Such cork-soled sandals have been slowly gaining popularity. This assemblage should have convinced you that there is a fashion option for everyone. Positive comments have been made about this inexpensive option. The blog's fashion and outfit posts are a great resource for inspiration. Thanks for visiting, as usual.

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