The goal of this project is to illustrate a belief that the Internet can, and should be, a multidimensional information delivery tool. Research shows that consumers of the future will be more likely to frequent websites that are rich in content, and provide an experience, as well as information. In turn, content that is engaging in every way enhances the relationship with the end-user, lending personal relevance to product, organizational or educational offerings.

    This project demonstrates how something as simple as a shoe can be wrapped in a content-rich, multimedia experience*. This can be achieved, as we have done, by building interactive exhibits around any object or artifact, be it ancient pottery or blue jeans on an e-commerce site. These exhibits can serve the purpose of the traditional shop window, museum display, or even workshops, as part of an effective virtual environment.

    This project just scratches the surface of what's possible. The ideal exhibit might include hundreds of artifacts shot from every conceivable angle, and displayed at high resolutions. Content-wise, the ideal could include information from all cultures, referencing all genders and age groups. Some day, audio and video might be employed at will, with none of today's bandwidth constraints.

    We hope we can inspire you to realize the possibilities. We believe that companies like ours have a responsibility to evolve this medium in compelling directions. We hope you enjoy the experience.

    *Movies and hi res images will hopefully be online later on.